Hey Business and Nonprofit Organizations, 

We have the ability to set up unlimited custom sub-sites which allow you to independently manage your employees participating in challenges, collect data, post updates and add your branding. Each sub-site can completely customize their local information, offer their own individual incentive programs and allow users to search only within their own employer group or region!

There’s a comprehensive list of transportation options such as cycling, walking, rolling, scooters, and provides route planning as well as transit routes options. You are able to plan, save, and even share your trips! Use our drag-and-drop trip logging calendar to effortlessly record all of your trips or upload directly from many other tracking platforms. 

As a member-based non-profit, Cascade represents a diverse range of bicyclists in statewide communities. Cascade’s goal is to support these communities with three main pillars - Advocacy, Community and Education. These pillars are key aspects of our work to ensure that all Washingtonians have access to safe bicycling infrastructures. “Organizational Partnerships” support all three of these pillars and focus on Cascade’s mission of Improving Lives Through Bicycling. We see this strategy as a way to ensure longstanding and authentic partnerships between the Cascade community and partners.

Organizational Partners receive a complementary sub-site. If you are not currently a partner, but would like to participate as a sub-site user this year, please contact me for more information.

Let’s ride!

Connie Stark, Partnership Manager

Office: (206) 620-1255

Email: connies@wabikes.org